12/21: Final exam and important final paper update

Photo via quickmeme.com
The big news for this week is, of course, that the final is on Monday the 21st from 6:20-8:20 in the usual classroom. Don’t miss it!!. It’s logistically difficult to do make-ups and that may not happen before the grade deadline. Note also that I won’t offer a make-up except for very good reasons. Make sure to check Hunter’s final exam schedule (PDF) and your other classes to make sure there are no conflicts!
You might want to take a look at my essay “Zen and the Art of Finals” (PDF on the Resources page) that offers an approach for preparing/taking exams — primarily my own essay exams — but might be more broadly helpful. Below are screenshots from the brainstorm session of some of the themes covered this semester. Use these to focus your preparation.
Also note that I’ve extended the deadline for final papers to Tuesday December 22nd via e-mail. I’ll send you a receipt to let you know I received it. In case you’ve lost the assignment sheet, head on over to the Assignments page to refresh your memory.
Also, as a quick reminder and public service announcement, back up your work! Do it now! Every semester at least one student has a disaster story of a lost USB drive or crashed computer that took all of their data with them. You should have (at minimum) 2 copies of all important things that you’re working on. If the main one gets lost, at least you’re not re-creating it from scratch. At this point, online storage is cheap enough (read: free) that you can at least have a backup of your documents folder, which for most of us is the most important thing and doesn’t take up much space. I’ll point you to Lifehacker’s handy guide, which doesn’t include Google Drive, as the latter appeared after their roundup.
If you’re a little rusty on formatting, (don’t worry, most of us are), then check out Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL), which is your resource for all things citation-related and can help you deal with the intricacies of the “big three” formats: Chicago Style, APA, MLA.
I also have a presentation that I present to other classes that deals strictly with MLA, which you can see here. It’s much less comprehensive than the Purdue OWL, but meant to be a quick intro or refresher. Enjoy!

Finally, I’ll have virtual office hours tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon/eve from 4-7 PM via online chat. email me to set up a time. They’re for questions re: papers only since we’ve already spent a lot of class time on the final exam. Please contact a classmate if you missed some of the review sessions to get an update.